Parte Six

I send Freddie out to empty the dishwasher and seize the computer like its gold bullion.

I log on to Facebook and see an invitation from a man who looks like the new age biker who I visualized for my second screenplay. I return his invitation with thanks for wanting to be my friend. “Can you ride a chopper?” I ask straight up.

I message my L.A. friend on Facebook as I see he is a friend of his and ask him if he can act. I post a piece of wisdom on my wall, then Twitter an edited down version of my quote for the day. I check my emails and blog on Social networking is an awesome thing like a giant octopus with eternally branching tentacles. Scary. Universal. Mind-blowing! I hear the theme from Mission Impossible in my mind and the solemn voice on the tape. “This message will self-destruct in five seconds!” Yikes!

It’s 6 pm. Time to make dinner. I remember Meryl Streep saying once that her Mom used to make dinner in twenty minutes. I can’t do it under thirty. What was she doing that I’m not? I think maybe it’s two minute rice. I make a note on my magnetic fridge notebook.

It’s 6.30 pm. The sweet’n’sour chicken and rice is ready to eat. I hear Adam’s truck pull in the driveway. It’s a good night for him. No re-heats! I feed the dog and the fish first. I round up the family for dinner. Ten minutes of meaningful conversation occurs in my dreams as food is shoveled in mouths in record time and washed down with fruit cup cordial. Adam heads west to the Bat cave, a.k.a. the garage to write out job cards and tinker on engines for an hour, while Freddie and Victor supposedly tackle their homework. I tidy up and throw a load of laundry into the washing machine.

I call Victor out to the kitchen to wash the dishes and ask Freddie to take out the trash several times before a response comes. They do their family jobs within five minutes.

It’s a great day!

About natxcreations

With two short films made and three feature film scripts under my belt, I am working towards my first film credit. My latest short film, A COMPLAINT-FREE WORLD was granted a Title Page on I appreciate the support I am receiving to launch my professional writing career. Cheers!
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