Freddie and Victor play ball with the dog outside, while I take a Radox bath to relax and unwind. It is then I feel the exhaustion in my bones and close my eyes.


In my mind’s eye, I see Zac Efron. He is chased by a Coast Guard on his jet ski. He reminds me of James Bond in “Die Another Day.” Is Zac a spy?  I step out of the bath, reach for my handy dandy notebook and pen on the vanity and write that down.


I realize that I’m cold and dripping wet. I towel myself dry and slip into warm pajamas.


Adam emerges from the Bat cave. He looks like an alien, shoulders’ hunched and eyes blood-shot. Maybe he’s been fighting the Predator from this morning in the garage. Who knows? He showers while I do my fifteen minutes of yoga meditation.


It’s 7.30 pm. The television clicks on and Adam starts channel surfing with the remote. Looks like it’s “Top Gear” night. Two hours of three middle-aged men who play with boy’s toys. Yippee! Freddie and Victor have a quick shower and settle in for an action-packed night’s viewing.


It’s 8.30 pm. I’m over vintage car makeovers and celebrity speed tests. Next ad, I send Freddie and Victor to their rooms to really do their homework. More grunts and grumbles erupt from their pubescent bodies. Adam repeats my request in his deep, masculine voice and they jump up instantaneously. Why is it so? It’s a mystery to me. Oblivious to my consternation, Adam starts channel surfing again when the boys move off. I head to the kitchen to make lunches for tomorrow and address any notes from school.


I fetch my thick, warm dressing-gown, dump the washed clothes in the basket, grab the pegs and head out to the clothes line. There’s a huge snow owl on top of the clothes line. It turns its head towards me and stares me down. I hear it say in my mind, “Are you for real? I’m the nocturnal creature here, not you. Get back inside! You’re disturbing my hunt for dinner.” I nod respectfully to the owl but press on. We continue to eyeball each other as I quickly attach the clothes to the line. I head back inside at double pace. Brrr!


It’s 9 pm. I check that Freddie and Victor have finished their homework. I give them a hug and a kiss and wish them sweet dreams. As I exit their bedrooms, I remind them to brush and floss their teeth and to be in bed by 10 pm at the latest. Trust is a wonderful thing!


I enter my bedroom. The television is blaring. Adam is asleep with his glasses on. I grab the remote, turn off the television, remove his glasses and give him a kiss goodnight. I rug the dog up in Adam’s dressing gown on the end of the bed and cover up the fish tank.


I switch off the bedroom light and remove my dressing gown. I fall into bed and cuddle into Adam’s back. He doesn’t move. Suddenly, I think of Brad Pitt in “Mr and Mrs Smith.” Will the action start soon? Not likely. He’s almost comatose. No sex tonight. Maybe tomorrow, I’ll get lucky. Sad but relieved as I am dog-tired, I sigh and roll over. Instantly, I am in dreamland.


The end of a great day! Or so I thought. . .


About natxcreations

With two short films made and three feature film scripts under my belt, I am working towards my first film credit. My latest short film, A COMPLAINT-FREE WORLD was granted a Title Page on I appreciate the support I am receiving to launch my professional writing career. Cheers!
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